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Creative Publications

Though I specialize in writing for businesses, my passion for writing originated with creative endeavors—especially fiction and essays. See my list of published projects below.

Unfortunately, literary magazines and special interest publications close frequently. Some of these links may be broken. 


Grim & Gilded - Summer 2022

Short Story

An Appalachian widow develops an unusual attachment to a newborn lamb after her only son is called away to serve overseas in WWII.


Mata Hari: The Creation of an Oriental Identity

Cerise Press - Summer 2013


Learn how the famous exotic dancer and supposed spy Mata Hari leveraged la belle epoque aesthetics and fascination with Orientalism to build her career.

Mata Hari Paper_edited_edited.jpg

The Drift

Marrow Magazine - Winter 2022

Short Story

As people start defecting from society during a deadly pandemic, a young woman isolating with her family in a small New Jersey town tries to find meaning in an unconventional relationship with the boy next door.

The Drift_edited.jpg

The Mouth of the Sky

The Speculative Edge - Summer 2013

Short Story

A boy is forcibly taken into the woods by his coldhearted father, who believes that the impending arrival of a dragon god will end the world. 

Sea of snowy trees_edited.jpg

The Pretender

The Copperfield Review - Spring 2012

Short Story

A young woman posing as a man during the American Revolutionary War grapples with romantic feelings for a fellow soldier.

person holding brown hunting rifle_edite

The Land of Ghosts

SplinterSwerve - Summer 2012

Personal Essay

I explore Deer Creek, a stream that cuts through northern Harford County, MD where I grew up, and contemplate the memories water can conjure from childhood and beyond.

woman relaxing on body of water_edited_edited.jpg

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