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Lots of people out there can put a sentence together, but it takes more than a fancy vocabulary and impeccable grammar to create quality copy.


There's no shortage of content on the web, but most of it is tired at best (and practically unreadable at worst). Your customers want to read content that's informative, thought-provoking, and above all entertaining! 


That's where I come in...

My name is Jacquelyn White, a copywriter and blogger based in Asheville, NC. The story of my writing career begins with an age-old cliche: I discovered a passion for storytelling early in life. From creating picture books with my grandmother as a toddler to penning novels after long school days, I spent my formative years practicing the art of stringing words together. 


Today, I take pride in my ability to compose thoughtful content that people actually want to read.   

Throughout my writing career I have produced blogs, web copy, white papers, and other kinds of content for a wide variety of clients, including: Southern Living, Cooking Light, The Knot, The Nest, Wedding Spot, The H. Chambers Company, John Parker Bands, and many smaller businesses across the country.

In addition to my work as a copywriter, I have published short stories, personal essays, and academic papers in various online and print magazines. In many ways, my love of storytelling informs my ability to craft engaging, narrative-driven content that enhances consumer connections with company brand.

Want more information about my past projects and employment? Check out my LinkedIn profile.



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Blog Content


Engaging blog posts boost SEO rankings and establish brand authority. Reel in potential customers with interesting, informative posts.

Web Content


It's easy to write generic copy, but creating content that reflects your brand is a different matter. Let your customers know what you're all about!

White Papers


Corporate doesn't have to mean boring. Give your customers well-researched white papers that offer endless reasons to purchase your product/service.

Email Copywriting


An engaging email campaign is still one of the most effective methods for increasing brand awareness -- and putting money in your pocket. 

Social Media Copywriting


Succinct and shareable, quality social media copy gives your brand an approachable face and keeps in touch with customers on a daily basis.

Content Strategy


Having high-quality content is key, but even the best content should always answer to a robust strategy that aligns with your business goals. 

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Jacquelyn was an absolute dream to work with! I approached her with a project on a rather daunting deadline and she delivered above and beyond what I had requested while completing the project earlier than I asked. Not only is the quality of work brilliant, but the fact that she conveyed exactly the kind of material I had been wanting without knowing too much about me or my business blew me away. I will definitely be hiring her again for similar projects!

Kayli Schattner

Lifestyle Blogger

Jacquelyn is a skilled writer with a professional and creative spin. She was always immediately available to make changes and adjustments to copy. She takes instructions well and makes professional recommendations where they are needed/requested. It was a pleasure working with her.

Marta Skky

Art Curator & Entrepreneur

Jacquelyn did a fantastic job on the blog posts for our e-commerce site. Her writing abilities are fantastic and her work was well-researched. I would definitely hire her again and would recommend her to others looking for a native English speaker and a good writer.

Leah Phan

Web Developer

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